5 Ways to Prevent Water Heater Accidents in Your Home

Electric water heater

Water heaters are crucial to ensuring you have a functional and comfortable home year-round. We rely on our water heaters for bathing, washing dishes and clothes, and other household chores. When something goes wrong with your water heater, it can bring your day to a halt and even threaten your home’s safety. Understanding their basic […]

Take Precautions When Pumping Your Septic Tank

Pumping a septic tank is a difficult and time-consuming process that should typically be left to the professionals. It requires special equipment that only professional plumbers have access to. Even when maintaining or inspecting your septic system, you can encounter health hazards that involve everything from harmful gases to infectious diseases. If you’re thinking of […]

Choosing Between Repiping and Pipe Repair

An old pipe breaks in freezing weather

Maintaining a fully functional plumbing system is integral to the daily running of any household or commercial establishment, but over time, pipes may deteriorate and create issues that require attention. When dealing with leaks or decreased water flow, property owners are faced with making an important decision: either repiping or repair? Understanding their differences is […]

4 Fundamental Tips for Promoting Safety Around Septic Tanks

A worker installs a sewer manhole on a septic tank made of concrete rings. Construction of sewerage networks for country houses.

For septic tanks to perform efficiently, they should be monitored, inspected, and serviced regularly. However, working on or even being around one exposes you to danger. That is why it is advisable that you observe these fundamental tips for promoting safety around septic tanks. 1. Avoid Flames Near a Septic System Wastes decompose in septic […]

Why You Should Schedule Septic Tank Pumping

pumping septic tanks from the backyard tank in the countryside

It is easy to forget your septic tank until you have a leak. This can create a smelly mess, particularly during a Georgia summer. Regular septic tank pumping can help prevent a catastrophe. Here is why you should schedule this service before disaster strikes. Septic Tanks Fill Up Your septic tank works by filtering out […]

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