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Savannah Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

The most common cause of sewer line problems in Savannah, Georgia are tree roots. We love the incredible tree canopy in Savannah, but underground is a world of pain for your sewer pipes. Tree roots are always seeking moisture and your sewage pipes are a great source of that. Over time, a sewer pipe can flex and bend. This flexion can cause little cracks to emerge that leak out small amounts of moisture. This is all a tree root needs to become attracted to your pipes and start burrowing.

Sewer Line Repair

Thompson & Thompson offers sewer line repair, sewer line replacement and sewer line installation. We can repair any type of sewage pipe problem you may have, including:

Pipe Bursting

An ingenious, new method of sewer line replacement that involves running a new pipe through the old one. Only two holes are dug (at the beginning and end of the line) and the old pipe is shattered by the new one. The damage to the surrounding landscaping is minimal and can be especially useful when the sewage line runs under your home or tarmac driveway.

Fast, Quality, Affordable Sewer Line Repair

With the latest technology, hard work, and technical skill, Thompson & Thompson in Savannah, GA can tackle any sewer issue affordably and on time. Call (912) 549-1521 today and let’s get started.