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Take Precautions When Pumping Your Septic Tank

Pumping a septic tank is a difficult and time-consuming process that should typically be left to the professionals. It requires special equipment that only professional plumbers have access to. Even when maintaining or inspecting your septic system, you can encounter health hazards that involve everything from harmful gases to infectious diseases. If you’re thinking of maintaining your septic tank, read up on the safety precautions you should take beforehand.

Wear Protective Clothing

Whenever you’re around a septic tank, you need to wear protective clothing that covers your face, hands, and any other exposed skin. Disposable rubber gloves should give your hands protection during this process. Wear safety goggles to give yourself some splash protection. If you wear a dust mask, it needs to cover your mouth and nose.

Properly Clean the Area

When you’re cleaning a septic tank or preparing for the pumping process, it’s important that hoses are used correctly to keep cross-contamination from taking place. For instance, the hose outlet should never be placed into the sewage.

It’s also essential that you take steps to avoid all types of splashing and spraying of sewage, which will help you minimize the risk of developing health issues. Any tools that touch the solids or liquids in the septic system must be sanitized as well.

When you leave the work area, remove your protective equipment immediately. It’s crucial that the sewage isn’t tracked into your car or home. If any of your clothing or equipment is contaminated, place the materials into a plastic bag before thoroughly washing your hands.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Make sure you maintain good hygiene during septic tank pumping. For one, cover your hair to keep it far away from the sewage. Don’t drink or eat when you’re near the septic system. During this process, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, or nose. If there are any open cuts or wounds on your body, they should be covered immediately to prevent illness.

Implement Safe Practices

You should always be under the assumption that sewage can spread disease. Even if the residue from sewage gets onto your clothing, you could become ill. Make sure you keep any pets or children away from your septic system while it’s being pumped or the tank is open. There should be at least one person near the tank whenever it’s open.

During the cleaning or pumping process, never place your head into the septic tank. These tanks usually consist of hazardous gases that may displace some of the oxygen in the chamber, which means that there’s very little oxygen left to breathe. Keep in mind that the methane gas in a septic tank can be explosive in the right conditions, which is why smoke or flames should never be near the tank.

Septic tank pumping should always be handled by professionals who have the equipment necessary to do the job right the first time. With the safety precautions detailed in this guide, you should remain safe and healthy whenever you come into contact with your septic tank. Call TNT Service Group in Savannah, GA to learn more about the tank pumping service we offer.

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