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Water Filtration And Treatment Service In Savannah, GA

You are no doubt aware that the water quality in the Savannah, GA area can vary quite a lot. In fact, the water in some homes may even have harmful amount corrosive or toxic substances that need to be filtered. The amount of these in your water may depend on exactly where in the region you live. If you want the highest-quality drinking and bathing water possible, we at Thompson & Thompson Service Group recommend that you get a personalized water treatment filtration system for your home. No matter if your main concern is hard water, water that tastes bad, or chemical removal, we offer the best water treatment filtration systems and services on the market. Call us today at (912) 549-1521!

We Offer Water Softeners

Water Filtration in Savannah, GA is not uncommon. We offer water softeners as one component of our water treatment services at Thompson & Thompson Service Group. It is important to filter water before it enters your home’s plumbing system because it removes harmful substances like bacteria and pesticides. Water softeners get rid of certain minerals that can harm your home’s plumbing system and cause your water to leave more water spots when you use it to clean up dishes. Calcium and magnesium are a few of these minerals; water softeners replace these with less harmful minerals such as sodium and potassium. A water softener system for your home also improves the overall quality of your water, including both its taste and clarity, as well as getting rid of scale buildup, too.

Better water also cleans your dishes more effectively and makes your skin feel softer as well. Because water softeners eliminate minerals that can harm your plumbing system, they also prevent damage to your plumbing system. We can install whole-house water softeners for you if you like. However, we can also install a number of different house-wide carbon filters that are also called point-of-entry water filters. If you want point-of-use filters, also known as single-place filters, we can install those as well.

Common Water Contaminants:

What About Whole-House Carbon Filter Systems?

Another benefit of water softeners in Savannah, GA is that you can get whole-house filter systems in a number of different filter media. These include carbon filter systems, reverse osmosis systems, or filters made with advanced next-generation technology. However, carbon filter systems may be best for you if you are prioritizing cost-efficiency. Carbon filter systems typically cost you $800 or less but can filter a minimum of 300,000 gallons of water before you need to replace the main tank. It is important to note that a typical family of four utilizes roughly 100,000 gallons of water every year as a reference point.

Whole-home water filtration systems provide you with healthier showers and baths. You also benefit from clean, filtered water from every water source. Appliances and household pipes last longer thanks to these systems, too. You’ll also notice cleaner and brighter clothes as well as shinier hair and healthier skin when you have a whole-home water filtration system.

Learn More About How Water Filtration Benefits Your Pipes And Appliances

The first thing that you should know about how water filtration benefits your pipes and appliances is that it removes heavy metals. It also removes calcium and minerals. Water filtration further benefits your appliances like your dishwasher and water heater and your pipes by getting rid of degreasers and solvents as well. All of these substances harm your pipes in different ways. A point-of-entry water filtration system is one product that benefits your pipes and appliances via water filtration.

A point-of-entry system is a water filter with a large capacity that is capable of treating thousands of gallons of water every single day. This is what allows the system to treat all of the water going through your house every day. With a point-of-entry system, you get a system that can remove almost every single type of water contaminant imaginable.

We Provide Excellent Water Filtration And Treatment Service

Not every system for water filtration in Savannah, GA is created equal. If you want the highest-quality drinking water possible, we recommend that you get a point-of-use water filtration system, too. We can install a point-of-use water filtration system at just one water connection inside your home. Kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks are the most common water connections used to install a point-of-use water filtration system.

It is important to note that point-of-use water filtration systems that use reverse osmosis do not have as high of a water capacity as some other types of point-of-use water filtration systems. However, customers in Savannah, GA should know that point-of-use water filtration systems compensate for this lower capacity by giving them extremely high-quality water. This water is especially useful if you are using it to drink or cook. Reverse osmosis is quite an effective water filtration technology.

If you want professional water filtration and treatment service, contact Thompson & Thompson Service Group today. Our certified plumbers can install many different water filtration products. Don’t hesitate to call (912) 549-1521!

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