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pumping septic tanks from the backyard tank in the countryside

Why You Should Schedule Septic Tank Pumping

It is easy to forget your septic tank until you have a leak. This can create a smelly mess, particularly during a Georgia summer. Regular septic tank pumping can help prevent a catastrophe. Here is why you should schedule this service before disaster strikes.

Septic Tanks Fill Up

Your septic tank works by filtering out the waste your home produces. Wastewater from your sinks, showers and toilets goes to the septic tank buried somewhere on your property. That wastewater then settles in the tank. The solid waste sinks to the bottom where beneficial bacteria help to break it down into sludge. The oils and fat form a scum at the top. When your tank is working well, the water that has separated out will drain through perforated pipes to the drain field for your septic tank.

However, over time the sludge and scum can build up. They can flow down the drainage pipes and cause slow draining or even a blockage. Then the waste will start backing up into your home through your drains. At this point, you must have your tank pumped to fix the problem. Then, you have to tackle cleaning up all the mess. We all know how hot and humid our summers get in Savannah, which can make the smell from a backed-up septic tank unbearable.

Signs Your Septic Tank Is Getting Full

The first sign that your septic tank is getting full is the presence of bad odors around the home. You may be able to smell the waste coming from your drains or around your property. You may also see your septic tank itself leak from being too full. Pools of water or mushy spots that can’t be explained by the weather or your watering system might appear on your lawn.

Why Schedule Septic Tank Pumping

When your septic tank is pumped, the scum and sludge are extracted to help empty out the system and alleviate any problems. The exact timing when you need to have your tank pumped depends on your household’s water usage. If you schedule your service in advance, you can stay ahead of any potential problems. Depending on a household’s usage, most systems need to be pumped every two to five years. If you typically need yours pumped every five years, it is very easy to forget to have it done. By scheduling service ahead of time, you know your maintenance will be taken care of on time.

Trust the Professionals

Our professional plumbers here at Thompson & Thompson Service Group can help with all your septic tank needs anywhere in Savannah. We can easily check your septic system and determine how often it needs to be pumped out. Then, we can schedule your septic tank pumping at the right intervals for your home. Contact our team at TNT Service Group in Guyton today and avoid any hassle in the future.

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