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Water Heater Installation in Savannah, GA

Having no hot water in your Savannah, GA home is not acceptable. And waiting for a new water heater installation is also unacceptable. When you need fast, professional, and affordable plumbing service, there is only one name you need to know. Call (912) 549-1521 to schedule your water heater installation with the licensed professionals at Thompson & Thompson Service Group. We offer 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year, as well as same-day appointments, so you are never stuck with no hot water in your home.

As soon as you speak to one of our highly skilled professionals, you will begin to understand why Thompson & Thompson Service Group is known as the go-to plumbing company in the city. Unlike some contractors, we never use an answering service or voicemail. We know that you are calling with a problem and need to speak to a professional right away. So we always have a team member waiting to answer our calls. And we make scheduling simple with appointments around the clock that work with your busy schedule. We offer more than great plumbing service. Our customer service is the best in the business. And we have the customer testimonials to back up that lofty title.

The Types Of Water Heaters We Install

Our licensed plumbers are factory-trained in the best practice installation process of all high-quality water heaters. We are not loyal to any one brand or type of water heater. Our loyalty is reserved for our customers, and our only goal is to help you select the water heater that will best meet your hot water needs and budget. Our only stipulation is that the unit meets our high standards for quality, longevity, and safety.

Traditional Water Heaters

Most consumers are familiar with traditional water heaters. These are the units that have a large holding tank where the water is heated and stored. Because of the size of the units, they are typically located in the basement, garage, or a utility space in your home.

The most significant variable in traditional water heaters is the size of the holding tank. This feature determines how much hot water your household has access to at any given time. The larger the tank, the more hot water you will have.

But the downside is that larger holding tanks consume more energy to keep your water hot. So you will pay more to operate a larger traditional water heater. That cost will vary depending on the utility used to heat the water, as traditional water heaters are offered in either a gas or electric configuration.

Tankless Water Heaters

While many consumers think that tankless water heaters are a very recent advance in water heating technology, that is not the case. These units, both gas and electric, have been on the market for decades and have a proven life expectancy almost double that of a traditional water heater.

The big difference in the tankless process is that water is only heated when there is a demand for it. When you turn on a hot water tap, the system heats the water as it flows through the pipes to your faucet or shower. Not only is this process more energy-efficient, but it also provides an almost unlimited supply of hot water. The last person in your home to shower at night will still enjoy hot water, unlike a traditional water heater that has a limited capacity and can become depleted.

Selecting Your Water Heater

If you are interested in installing a water heater that is identical to your old unit, we will do our best to make that happen. In some cases, the model might be outdated, but we will locate the newer version for you. However, if you would like to learn more about your options to upgrade or update your water heater, we are happy to assist you in this process.

Our professional plumber will evaluate your home’s hot water usage, demand, and the number of people in your home to determine the perfect size to meet your needs. We will also offer units in a variety of price ranges to provide you with the most options possible. And you know that if we are willing to install the unit, it is made by a reputable manufacturer and carries a quality warranty.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on your new water heater, you will also have the peace of mind of a complete installation warranty from Thompson & Thompson Service Group. For years, we have been installing water heaters in your neighbor’s homes and guaranteeing their complete satisfaction with every aspect of our work and our customer service.

Don’t suffer through even a single day with no hot water in your Savannah, GA home. Call (912) 549-1521 and know that a licensed and factory-trained professional plumber will arrive at your home on time and ready to install your new water heater.

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