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Water Heater Repair in Savannah, GA

Most homeowners believe that their water heater must be working correctly if they have hot water in their Savannah, GA home. And while that might seem to make sense, it is not entirely correct. There are a number of issues that could occur relating to your water heater that would not completely stop it from heating your water. But each of the problems should be corrected as quickly as possible to ensure that your water heater does not fail and leave you to suffer through a cold shower. A call to (912) 549-1521 as soon as you discover any of these issues is always the most cost-effective solution. A licensed Thompson & Thompson Service Group plumber will provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote for water heater repair in Savannah, GA.


The most common issue that often goes unnoticed is a leak in or near a water heater. The leak could be in the piping around the unit, at a fitting, or even the safety pressure relief valve. Often these problems start very small with just a drip now and then. But over time, the leak increases, and so does the water damage. A constant drip of water running down the outside of the water heater holding tank will eventually cause the tank to rust. Once the tank’s wall is compromised, the only solution is to replace the entire unit. There is no reliable or safe way to patch a hole in the tank wall. In addition, the leaking water could be damaging the floors, walls, or other materials in your home.


Another common issue related to water heaters is contamination inside the holding tank. The signs of contamination range from flecks or particulates floating in the water to an odd smell or taste of the heated water. The particles in your hot water can range from a metallic look to white specks. The metallic-looking ones are often metal flakes due to corrosion or deterioration of the inside of the holding tank. The white or grey colored particles are often calcium or other mineral deposits. Typically, the lighter flecks will appear first. Then as the minerals build up in the tank, they cause corrosion that eats a hole in the tank. That is when the metal looking flakes appear.

Professional Solutions To These Common Issues

Fixing a leak in the plumbing lines, valves, or fittings near your water heater is a fast and cost effective way to avoid substantial water damage to your home. And it is the best way to avoid an early failure of your water heater due to a compromised holding tank. The pros at Thompson & Thompson Service Group have decades of experience and expertise in making these basic plumbing repairs that will add years of life to your water heater and save you hundreds of dollars in replacement cost and possibly even thousands in water damage restoration.

The thought of anything contaminating your hot water can be very upsetting. We all know that these contaminants can lead to serious and irreversible health issues if consumed for an extended period of time. But you will be relieved to learn that the pros at Thompson & Thompson Service Group have been resolving contamination issues for clients throughout the Savannah, GA area for years. When detected early, the resolution for most contamination issues is to drain and professionally clean the holding tank. This process removes all of the build-up inside the tank. It also prevents further concerns with organic contamination or damage to the tank from mineral build-up. But the key to success is fast action on your part, as soon as you notice the issue.

The Benefit Of Regular Care And Service

Just like everything in your home, your water heater needs some regular TLC to serve you well for a decade or more. At the very minimum, the tank needs to be drained and flushed once each year. This process is necessary to remove the minerals building up inside the tank for your water. If you are not inclined to take on this task, a call to the team at Thompson & Thompson Service Group is the best way to avoid costly issues in the future and a miserably cold shower.

Our team is available 24/7 for emergency service. We also offer same-day appointments to ease your stress and get any water heater issues corrected the same day you discover them. Call (912) 549-1521 and know that a Thompson & Thompson Service Group license plumber will provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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