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What’s In A Savannah Plumbers Vehicle?

Looking for a Savannah plumber near you? Did you ever look at their vehicle when they arrived and wonder what they carry in there? How about the one who was parked in the driveway next door? It seems to be like Mary Poppins’ magic carpet bag. If you are the curious type, you might have wondered what tools plumbers bring with them.  Besides the usual hammer, screwdrivers and tape measure, there are a few specialized implements that all plumbers have that allow them to be prepared for any plumbing situation.

Channel lock pliers

Many plumbers use channel lock pliers in the place of pipe wrenches when the diameter of the pipe is smaller and the fastener isn’t quite as tight. Sometimes plumbers will use two channel locks at the same time to put opposite torque on a stubborn fastener.

Teflon Tape

Teflon tape is used on threaded pipes to act as a water sealant. It’s much cleaner than putty and lasts a lot longer. If a threaded connection needs to be water or gas-tight, a few wraps of Teflon tape makes it so.

Drain Augers

Drain augers are also referred to as drain snakes. Plumbers will get out the auger when the clog cannot be removed with a plunger. It is a metal cable that pushes and rotates the cable down and through a clog to break it up and remove it.


In order to find that clog, sometimes a borescope is used to visualize what’s going on inside a pipe or drain. It’s simply a camera on the end of a flexible cable that can be introduced into the pipe and return a video feed to a phone or computer.

Gloves, Goggles and Ear Plugs

Plumbers can reduce their risk of getting injured by wearing gloves, goggles and ear plugs. Usually, contracting regulations require safety equipment like these, so if your plumber isn’t wearing eye protection, make sure they are legit!

Adjustable Wrenches 

Residential plumbing has connections of various diameters and dimensions, so adjustable wrenches are always along for the ride. Our plumbers carry several different sizes and types of these tools that allow them to fit the exact diameter of nut or pipe needing tightening or loosening.

Metal File

The metal file is used to smooth out the rough edges or burrs on a pipe that has been cut.


Hacksaws have smaller teeth than those for wood so that they can cut through metal plastic without destroying the cut edge.

Acetylene torch

When working with copper piping, heat is needed to seal the joints. A torch is used to heat the metal while a softer metal alloy called flux is touched to the edge of the pipe joint- which is put together like an arm in a sleeve  The flux is drawn up between the two overlapping surfaces forming a permanent watertight seal. The torch allows the plumber to apply heat in a controlled, limited area without damaging any surfaces around the pipes being fixed.

Rubber washers and O-rings

There is an almost infinite number of types and sizes of rubber washers and O-rings, and replacing them is necessary for almost every faucet or toilet at some point in its life. Your Thompson and Thompson Savannah plumber has a huge variety in the truck, ready to go to make your fixtures stop dripping!

Pipe or tubing cutter

Copper pipes require a square, clean and burr-free cut, and this tool was made especially for that purpose. It consists of a cutting wheel that is held against the wall of the pipe with a special rolling clamp. When it is turned around the circumference of the pipe, the cutting wheel scores a groove in the softer copper. After a few turns, the deepening groove cuts all the way through the wall of the pipe at the perfect length.

Of course, there are many, many other tools and parts in the plumber’s truck- but this brief overview will help you recognize what our plumbers use when installing or repairing your home’s plumbing. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions if you would like to understand more about what we’re doing to serve you.

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