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The no-nonsense cost analysis of replacing your HVAC

Installing a new heating and cooling system is probably the most complicated home-related replacement you’ll ever make. Considering all your options is not a quick process and an HVAC professional can really help you make the best choice, In the meantime, here are a few pointers to start you on your way to understanding your HVAC replacement cost.

Size does matter in your HVAC replacement cost

Larger systems cost more, which is one of the most important reasons to ask the HVAC contractors you’re considering for bids to conduct a load calculation of your home. This is a detailed analysis of your home’s energy efficiency and also factors its floor plan design and cubic footage into the formula.

Among other things, HVAC contractors use Manual J software to arrive at the best size for your home. Equipment that’s too big or small will compromise your comfort and increase energy bills.

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HVAC brands

Like most things, the price of a new HVAC system correlates closely to its quality. If you want the best engineered and manufactured systems available, you’ll pay more up front, but you’re more likely to avoid future major repairs or outages.

Energy Efficiency

More energy efficient HVAC systems cost more initially, but they pay for themselves over the life of the equipment. Cooling demands and energy use during the summer are especially high in this part of Georgia, so efficiency will not only save you money on utility bills, but higher SEER numbers are also easier on the planet.

Installation Costs

If your home is older and is in needs new ductwork and if the present location for the air handler needs modification, your estimate will be higher. A furnace and air conditioner unit alone will cost $1000-$1700. Installation is the cost that varies widely depending on your home’s layout and requirements. In very round numbers, here’s the ballpark you’ll be playing in:

A simple HVAC unit change-out (no ductwork) – $6,000-8,000

Full replacement with ductwork- around $10,000

Full HVAC replacement with extras like zoning features – $13,000 and up.

Costs vary, but not all that much. Beware if you get a bid that is significantly above or below these figures. It’s more important than anything else to go with a contractor you can trust, one that won’t make empty promises or shade the truth when estimating the cost. A rule of thumb in calculating prices can be summed up in this formula: Equipment price + Labor + materials and other expenses multiplied by 1.4 (for an industry standard 40% profit) will give you a very close idea of what you’ll pay.

When you’re choosing a new HVAC system, it’s good to consider the lifetime costs of the system instead of the initial price. Higher efficiency equates to lower energy bills and a better quality system means fewer repair bills and downtime.

And many local contractors will allow you to finance your purchase through special arrangements with banks that participate in programs like

Analysis by your Savannah HVAC contractor

If your HVAC capacity or configuration isn’t matched exactly with your ductwork, and the size and configuration of your home, it won’t provide the energy efficiency the manufacturer promises. Your Savannah HVAC contractor has a number of tools and resources to get it right and make you a cool customer for life.

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