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Why This Spring Is the Right Time to Pump Your Septic Tank

No one wants to think much about their septic equipment. However, this subterranean system is essential for the function of your home. It safely removes biological waste from your household so that you can have a clean, hygienic life.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your system running as it should. Pumping will prevent overflow emergencies that result in wastewater pooling on your lawn in the hot and humid Savannah summer weather. If you are unsure about the date of your last pumping appointment, this spring is the right time to call Thompson & Thompson Service Group to handle the situation.

Septic System Basics

A septic system is a common wastewater solution in areas that do not have a sewer system. Pipes carry wastewater from your sinks, tubs and toilets to a septic tank. While in the tank, solid material separates from the water and becomes a layer of sludge. Bacteria in the tank will digest biological solids in the sludge over time.

The liquid portion flows out into the drain field beneath your lawn where it seeps through layers of gravel and sand. This process cleans the water so that it can flow safely into the local groundwater.

Factors That Determine Your Pumping Needs

Bacteria in the septic tank does not completely digest all the solid matter. These solids accumulate over time and can cause the system to back up if they are not removed. Septic tank pumping from our team gives your tank a fresh start.

It usually takes a few years for a septic tank to reach the critical stage, but several factors can affect this timing. The more people you have in your house, the sooner your tank will need attention. The size of the tank is also a factor. Smaller tanks will need more frequent pumping.

You also want to think about what is going down the drain in your home. Flushable wipes do not break down as quickly as toilet paper. Pouring large amounts of fat or grease down your kitchen drain will also strain the system.

The Consequences of a Neglected Septic Tank

The solids in your septic system build up slowly. Unless you’re opening up your tank to peek inside, you will probably not see any issues until there is a serious problem. When the septic tank is full, the excess water must go somewhere. One of the first signs is slow drains and backups that affect several fixtures simultaneously.

If there is a leak around the tank, you may notice a single patch of grass that is greener than the rest of your lawn. You might also see water pooling near the tank. A call for a septic tank pumping this spring will prevent these unpleasant issues.

Professional Septic Tank Cleaning

The skilled plumbers at TNT Service Group are ready to help our Savannah customers with all their plumbing needs. An appointment for your septic tank will prevent an emergency call down the line. If you want the peace of mind that comes with completing this important maintenance task, contact us today.