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Signs You Need to Repipe Your House This Winter

Generally, the water pipes in your Savannah-area home should last for a few decades. However, the pipes endure tremendous wear with daily use, and there is some variation to this. Your home’s pipes will eventually need to be replaced through a process called repiping. How do you know if the time has come to repipe your home? These are some of the important signs to look for.

1. Frequent Leaks

As your pipes age, leaks may become more frequent. Leaks can have a variety of causes, however. How can you know if a leak is related to aging pipes or another issue? However, a ruptured pipe from cold weather is not an indicator that repiping is needed. On the other hand, it may be time to repipe your home if you have more than three leaks within a six-month time period. This is particularly true if the leaks are spread throughout the home rather than localized in one area. If you are concerned about frequent leaks in your home, consult a plumber about the need for repiping.

2. Noisy Pipes

Minimal noise should be heard through your pipes when the water runs. Some people who hear screeching, banging or whistling sounds from their pipes could assume that the sounds are related to a house settling with age. In reality, these sounds could signal a variety of issues. For example, a squealing sound may mean that there is a buildup of debris inside the pipe. If you notice any unusual sounds when the water runs, a plumbing inspection is in order.

3. Foul-Tasting or Smelly Water

Often, water that smells or tastes unusual is a sign that one or more pipes in your home’s walls have started to deteriorate. If you notice that the problem is getting worse, the issue may be the result of severe deterioration in one area or a broad problem throughout the plumbing system. Deteriorating pipes may also cause the water to be slightly tinged or discolored.

4. Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed that your water pressure is lower than it once was? Does the water pressure start off strong when you first turn the water on and later decrease as the water continues to run? These may indicate a hidden water leak, or they could signify a larger problem with your home’s plumbing system. To determine if repiping or leak repair services are needed, consult a plumber.

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