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Avoiding Freezing Pipes This Winter

Savannah is loved for its mild winters, but there are those nights when unprotected plumbing pipes can still freeze. Indeed, the temperature doesn’t even have to go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for this to happen.

Fortunately, there are ways you can greatly lower the risk of your pipes freezing. In addition to leaving you without water, frozen pipes can burst and cost you money to repair. Here are some tips on how to avoid freezing pipes this winter.

Keep a Trickle of Water Flowing on Cold Nights

Flowing water doesn’t freeze, even if it’s a trickle. Turn on the faucets fed by the pipes just a bit, and leave them on until the weather warms up in the morning.

Keep Cabinet Doors Open

During a cold night it’s a good idea to keep the doors of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities open. The warmer air in the room will in turn warm the plumbing pipes and keep them from freezing. Make sure to remove any harmful chemicals and cleaners from the cabinets if you have young children or pets.

Keep Your Garage Door Closed

On the other hand, close your garage door. Keeping your garage door closed during a cold night gives any pipes inside your garage some protection.

Keep Temperature Stable During Cold Snaps

Though turning the temperature down during the night is touted as a way to save on your energy bills, it’s not the best idea during a cold snap. If a cold snap is predicted, keep the temperature set no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit both day and night to keep pipes from freezing. You should also set your thermostat to this temperature if you’re going on a winter vacation.

Move Pipes

If your pipes are in an exposed, unheated area of your home, you might consider moving them to a more protected area. This would be a job for one of our professionals, but if you’re thinking of repiping, think of having vulnerable pipes relocated.


Insulate the areas in your home that are not heated, such as your basement, crawl space, or attic. Insulate your pipes using a pipe sleeve or heat tape. Since Savannah cold snaps don’t last long, you can even wrap old newspapers or newsprint around your pipes to protect them.

Seal Up Air Leaks

Look for leaks around your house that might allow cold air to seep in. When you find them, seal them up with insulation or caulk.

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