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Water Pollutants and Contaminants You Can’t See-Why Home Water Filters Might Need To Be On Your To Do List.

When you take a shower or fill your glass with water from the tap, you may not think twice about what is actually in your water. After all, it looks clean and you live in the modern age. You shouldn’t have to worry about things like pollutants and contaminants in your water. However, there may be dangerous chemicals and molecules that you’re imbibing without your knowledge.

Especially as of late, lead has been found in many water sources. This is sometimes due to the fact that old pipes were made with lead or have lead paint on their surfaces. Over time, the lead begins to leak into the water source, and you’re the one unknowingly taking that dangerous lead into your body. Lead poisoning is a serious health hazard and can interrupt a child’s development.

To ensure that harmful molecules like lead and other pollutants and contaminants are removed from your water, you should consider having a home water filter installed. There are many types of water filters, which this article will touch on, and you should be sure to select the one that is perfect for your home and your needs.

These home water filters share one thing in common. Their purpose is to strain out the harmful molecules from the water, so you’re left drinking pure water. Here are a few of the filtration systems that you might want to consider having installed in your home.

1. Reverse Osmosis

This fancy-sounding filtration system is quite simple in its design. Essentially, the filter utilizes the water pressure in your plumbing to push the contaminated water through a membrane in the filter. This membrane is semi-permeable, so the small water molecules easily pass through, while the larger molecules–the contaminants–are blocked by the membrane. This filter does at times slow the faucet water pressure since that pressure is being directed into the filter to wash out contaminants, and you will have to replace the membrane every now and then to ensure that your filter is working at the optimal level.

This system continues to be innovated and developed, however. New reverse osmosis filters are increasing the water flow from faucets. Some even use a carbon mineral filter, so healthy minerals like carbon and magnesium aren’t accidentally filtered out of the water. This system is a point of use filter, so it can be attached to any faucet that you wish to use for pure water.

2. Ultraviolet Filtration

For those who are interested in a single filter system that takes care of the water throughout the house, then you want to consider a UV filtration system. These can be attached to whole-house filters that basically rest on a tank from which your water originates. The UV filter acts as a disinfectant. It easily kills contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

Because water is an easy method for viruses and bacteria to spread, this filtration system ensures that those pathogens never enter your home through your water. This is especially helpful for those who have well water and rely on groundwater. Because pollutants and bacteria can easily seep through the ground and enter your groundwater, you can be easily prone to these pathogens and harsh chemicals. The UV filtration system will help remove that from your water, so you can be assured that all you have running through your home is pure water.

3. Ionization Filtration

For those who want to increase the potency of the good molecules in their water, then you may want to consider a filtration system that allows ionization. This activity occurs when water dissolves a molecule. The ionization filter gives the impure water a charge, which then purifies it, and you can drink the resulting pure water. In addition, you can also drink a heavier dose of mineral water. Which means you can take in larger amounts of calcium and magnesium.

4. Activated Carbon Filtration

One final filtration system that you may want to consider is the system known as activated carbon. This system is common in those filters that you find at your local store that can be attached to your faucet. This design relies on particles of carbon that have had their surface area increased. Because of their wider surface area, they can easily absorb many contaminants. These filter systems are considerably good at absorbing and removing organic compounds.

A Home Water Filter means Pure Water For The Family

Make sure that the water you and your family are drinking is safe- have Thompson and Thompson inspect your home and help you decide what system works best for you. With our sound advice, you won’t have to worry about the water you are drinking, washing your clothes in, or bathing in- one less thing to wonder about!

Thompson and Thompson can recommend and install home water filters that will keep your family healthy. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or give us a call (912) 549-1521

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