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The Value Of Water Filtration

The average homeowner in Savannah rarely thinks about water filtration unless the tap water is undrinkable. And even in those cases, some people will settle for buying costly bottled water because they have no idea that a simple water filtration system could solve the issue and provide pure, healthy water for them to drink, cook with, and use for bathing.

If you are concerned about the quality of your home’s water or have been purchasing bottled water because you do not like the taste of your water, call (912) 549-1521 to request a water quality test from the Thompson & Thompson Service Group experts. You are sure to learn a great deal about the added value of water filtration and what it has to offer your household.

Eliminate Germs

Just because the water provider chemically treats the water before it arrives at your home does not guarantee water purity. Not only can it become contaminated in the city water lines, but it could also be carrying germs or bacteria that the supplier is not treating to eliminate. Only you can decide the level of purity that is acceptable for you and your loved ones. And when you have a water filtration system in your home, you control that level and the service and maintenance of the filter. You are not dependent on someone else to ensure that your water is pure and safe.

Better Skin Health

If your home has hard water, which over 75% of all homes in the United States do, it damages your skin. A water softener is the only way to eliminate the minerals drying your skin, causing it to crack and promoting many skin issues like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Removing the calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates will promote increased skin health and keep your hair more healthy. In addition, these minerals can impede the function of soaps and detergents. So you will discover that your clothes and linens feel softer on your skin.

Pure Water Is Good For Your Plumbing

As much as your body and overall health will benefit from filtered and softened water, your home’s plumbing system will benefit equally as much. Unfortunately, minerals and other contaminants build up in water lines, fixtures, and appliances, decreasing their performance and longevity. From blockages in pipes that lead to low water volume and pressure to sediment that interferes with the function of your water heater, contaminates take a toll on your plumbing.

No More Costly Bottled Water

While we assume that the water purchased in bottles is pure, have you ever seen the test results? It is unlikely that anyone would pay to have bottled water tested. Still, it can be shocking to learn that the producers have relatively low standards for their water purity, even when they are charging up to a dollar a bottle. But all of that cost can be behind you when you have a water filtration or softener installed at your home. Call the pros at Thompson & Thompson Service Group at (912) 549-1521 to see how pure your water actually is.

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