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Is A Water Filtration System For Your Home Worth The Money?

You always want the best for your loved ones, and that includes everything from a safe and enjoyable home to pure, healthy water. But all too often, homeowners assume that the city water coming into their homes is perfectly safe and will promote good health. Unfortunately, however, that is not always the case. And if you live in an older home, there could even be contaminants making their way into your drinking water from your home’s water lines. And it is crucial to understand how poor water quality can impact your health and the health of your loved ones.

Chemical Contamination

A variety of hazardous chemicals could be making their way into your water. Problems with pesticide run-off, contamination of waterways and wetlands from chemical spills and improper waste disposal, and run-off from landfills often result in chemicals contaminating large water supplies. Consuming these contaminants can lead to short and long-term health issues, including headaches, nerve disorders, and organ damage.

Immune System Damage

For those who already suffer from a compromised immune system, contaminated water is very dangerous. Contaminants that might have little impact on a healthy person can cause severe health issues for anyone who is already suffering from immune problems. In addition, diseases such as lupus and cancer become more difficult to battle when consuming water with chemical contamination.

Transmission Of Diseases

Water suppliers are tasked with protecting their customers from water-borne diseases. But there can be cases where a mistake or isolated issue allows contaminated water to make its way to the general public. Some of the outbreaks are minor and cause only mild discomfort, while others are very severe. Diseases such as Giardia, Legionella, Norovirus, and Shigella are all known to be transmitted via contaminated water.

Flushing Toxins From Your Body

When you are consuming high-quality water, it does more than quench your thirst. Pure water works to remove harmful toxins from your body. Without pure water, these toxins remain in your body’s fatty tissue, including the brain, and continue to damage the tissue. Drinking pure water is the best way to flush those toxins away and prevent long-term damage or health complications. Poor quality water adds to the toxins in your body without removing any that were pre existing.

Complete Hydration Is Essential

Pure water benefits every part of your body, from your skin to your lungs. Well-hydrated skin remains resilient, less dry, and less prone to wrinkles and discoloration. Inadequate hydration over a long period is known to result in kidney damage and loss of function. And your lungs will function more efficiently with proper hydration. That increased function means that more oxygen is flowing to all of your organs to improve their ability to remain healthy and support your body’s overall health.

In-Home Water Testing

Call (912) 225-4056 to schedule your in-home water test. A Thompson & Thompson Service Group expert will come to your house to test the water and explain the results to you. If there are contaminants in your water, our experts will help you determine if the issue is with the city water or from certain conditions in your home, such as old pipes or a contaminated water heater.

In addition, our expert will help you decide if a water filtration system is the best choice for your home and family. Our whole house systems are capable of providing high-quality water throughout your home. And most equipment can be installed in less than a day. As a result, you will have peace of mind about your home’s water quality and eliminate the expense and hassle of buying costly bottled water.

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