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Interesting Plumbing Trends to Take Note Of

We know that plumbing isn’t the most exciting industry, but there’s no doubt that it’s important. There are some interesting trends, though, that many people in our area of Georgia are paying attention to. These things can make an impact on your daily routine, and they can help your budget, too.

A Spa at Home

If you love the idea of going to a spa to relax and rejuvenate, you’ll be intrigued by the idea of having a spa at home. With a high-end feature like an extra-deep soaking tub or a steam shower, you can pamper yourself every day. Many of our customers at TNT Service Group have asked us to make upgrades to their bathrooms so that they can create a spa-like atmosphere.

Even if you don’t have the budget to get a whole new bathroom, consider replacing your tub or even just your shower head with one that’s a little more sophisticated. This can be particularly great to have in the summer when we need a respite from the sweltering Savannah weather.

Smart Leak Detection

People have gotten used to using mobile devices for so many things. With the advent of smart technology, there’s been a huge increase in convenience. Not only can TVs and watches be connected to the internet and other devices, but so can plumbing components. We’re starting to see more water leak detection smart devices in Georgia.

With one of these systems, you’d be alerted to a leak through a mobile device or computer. Most would agree that it’s much better to be notified of a leak right away than to be surprised by finding water on the floor. At TNT Service Group, we can also help find leaks and address them for you.

High-Tech Toilets

Even our toilets can be smart. There are new toilets that come with an impressive amount of abilities. They can adjust their water temperature, heat their seats, play music, and set the mood with ambient lighting. In addition, toilets with bidets gained popularity in our area during the pandemic, and we’re pretty confident they’re here to stay.

Efficient Components

Many of our TNT Service Group customers are concerned about efficiency, especially since being efficient usually translates into a lower utility bill each month. There are several ideas to consider:

  • Upgrading to an energy-efficient washing machine, dishwasher, and boiler
  • Installing low-flow showerheads
  • Replacing old toilets with high-efficiency ones (which could be dual-flush toilets)
  • Installing a more efficient water heater, such as a solar water heater or a tankless water heater

If you have any questions about these plumbing trends or how you can improve your home’s efficiency, let us know. Call us at TNT Service Group to set up an appointment.

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