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A Guide to Septic System Pumping

With over 12,000 documented septic systems in the area, Chatham County has more septic tanks than any other county in Georgia. If your Savannah home has a septic system, it is critical that you take steps to maintain it so that it remains in good working order. One maintenance procedure that must be performed regularly is pumping the septic system.

Not having your septic system pumped regularly can lead to premature system failure. Pumping your septic system is an affordable procedure, but having to completely replace your system due to system failure will cost an average of $4,000.

How Often Should You Pump a Septic System?

How often you need to pump your septic system will depend on the type of system you have, the size of your tank, and how many people reside in your household. Another factor that will determine how often your septic system must be pumped is how the system is used.

While having a septic system pumped every three years is the norm, you may need to have your system pumped sooner depending on your situation. Experts here at TNT Service Group never recommend waiting any longer than three years to pump your septic system regardless of your circumstances.

Why Is Pumping Necessary?

A septic system is designed to separate solid waste from water so that clean water can be filtered back into the ground. While the septic tank is an organic environment that contains microbes that will break down most solid waste, some solid waste will be left behind. Additionally, microbes are not able to break down some types of waste, including grease, paper products, and chemicals. Because the solid waste will not completely disintegrate, buildup occurs.

Having your septic system pumped ensures that there is not too much buildup in the tank. Any buildup can cause severe clogs that will lead to backups and flooding. If the clogs are severe enough, the entire system can fail.

Who Performs Septic Pumping Procedures?

Septic pumping procedures are performed by a licensed liquid waste hauler such as TNT Service Group. We’ll access your tank by removing the lid, and then the pumping will commence.

What Do You Need to Do Before Your Septic System Is Pumped?

A septic system can have a tank that consists of either one or two compartments. Each compartment has a lid that will be removed to provide access for pumping. Lids will have a layer of soil covering them, and this layer of soil can range anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet deep.

Before you can have your septic system pumped, you need to remove all the soil that is covering any access lids. Do not open any septic tank lids because doing so can be dangerous. Septic tanks are confined areas, and gases will build up that can potentially be deadly.

If you reside in the Savannah area and have a home that has a septic system, we highly recommend that you contact us to come to perform an inspection. Regular inspections are necessary to check the condition of your system and determine when it must be pumped next. Whatever your schedule, the team at TNT Service Group is here to serve you when you find it convenient. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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