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Sewer Line Maintenance Is a Simple Way to Prevent Costly Repairs

A single clogged or slow drain can be a source of frustration. However, if your sewer line is clogged, the situation can become costly and hazardous in a short amount of time. To keep your sewer line functioning effectively now and in the future, regular cleaning is key.

Clay Pipe Concerns

Many of the sewer lines in Georgia are made from clay pipe. It’s quite durable, but over time, clay pipe sewer lines can be invaded by tree roots. Once the line has been breached, soil can also pool inside the sewer line and lead to more clogs.

If you have never had your sewer line snaked, it’s a good idea to call in a professional and get the line scoped by a camera. This will give you information about the condition of your line and allow you to plan for any future maintenance or repairs.

Know Your Challenges

If your current sewer line is clay pipe and it’s in good shape, you can protect it in a number of ways. Pay careful attention to your landscaping; if you want to plant a nice big shade tree, don’t plant it over your sewer line.

Should you get back news that your sewer line is already feeding the trees on your property, you have options. You may be able to treat your drain with a product that will kill new growth. You can also get information about replacement options, many of which will not require digging a trench.

Once tree roots have entered the pipe through a crack, that crack is likely to grow. You can take steps to limit new roots inside the pipe, but this event is an indication that a sewer line update may be in your future.

Preventive Steps to Take Inside Your Home

It’s important that you take steps inside the home to prevent clogs later. Use mesh liners for your sinks, showers, and tubs. Take care what you flush down the toilet. Be aware that grease, even if your kitchen drain is handling it fine, can lead to a clog further down your sewer line.

If you have poured any chemicals down the drain to get rid of hair or grease clogs, let your sewer line professional know before they start to work. These chemicals can indeed eat through a hair clog or a grease plug, but they can also scar plastic plumbing and lead to more clogs at connections in front of the clay pipe sewer line.

The experts at TNT can help you maintain your Savannah, GA property by cleaning your sewer line on a regular basis to prevent damage in the future. Should you need to replace the line, they can also help you choose the best option for your property.

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