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3 Reasons Leak Detection Must Be Part of Home Maintenance Plans

Numerous things can destroy the integrity of your home. Flooding is one major contributing factor that causes property damage. Structural flooding happens all too often in Savannah, Georgia, as this area is prone to floods. Plumbing leaks can also cause considerable damage to your home, so leak detection must be part of your home maintenance plan.

1. Reduce Risk of Significant Damage

Just as a small leak is capable of sinking a great ship, a small plumbing leak in your home is capable of causing significant property damage. Even a small leak left unchecked can erode your home’s foundation or lead to mold damage. The longer water leaks go undetected, the greater the chance your home can become unlivable, especially if your foundation is severely compromised or if there is a high concentration of mold in your home. Unfortunately, not all water leaks can be detected by casual observation. Some can occur behind walls, beneath floors or in the ceilings.

2. Prevent Financial Loss

In addition to having to fork out a significant amount of money to remediate water damage, water leaks can lead to high water bills. Some report that they have paid an additional $20 a month for water because of water leaks. An additional $20 may not sound like a lot; however, the cost adds up over time. You would be paying an extra $240 a year. If your water bills seem unusually high, give us a call so we can find and fix the leak before it causes major damage.

3. Keep Contaminates Out of the Water Supply

Each year, countless numbers of people become ill from consuming contaminated water. One way water becomes contaminated is through leaky pipes. When water leaks are present, contaminates can make their way in through the cracks in the pipes and taint your water. To keep your water supply clean, you must hire a plumber to detect any hidden leaks and fix them expeditiously.

A water leak is not a problem to ignore. Plumbing experts recommend that leak detection be performed once every two years. If you have not had your home inspected for leaks, contact TNT Service Group to schedule leak detection. We are well-known for being fast, friendly and affordable. We offer plumbing services to residences and businesses in Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas. We offer emergency services seven days a week, and we look forward to serving you.

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