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The Value In Changing Your Furnace Filter Regularly

The HVAC equipment in your home is likely to be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the house. And it is also undoubtedly the one that is most relied upon for your comfort and safety in the cold winter months. So it is silly to think that you could be risking the function and reliability of this equipment to save a few dollars and minutes each month. But that is precisely what is happening if you fail to inspect and replace your furnace air filter every month.

The Function Of A Furnace Air Filter

Many homeowners in the Savannah area are under the misconception that their HVAC air filter is only needed to improve the air quality in their homes. And when they do not see much dust in the air, they assume the filter is working correctly. However, the actual purpose of the furnace air filter is to protect the delicate components inside the furnace and HVAC system. Therefore, providing increased air quality inside your home is simply a bonus of well-filtered air.

The Potential Damage Caused By A Clogged Air Filter

When an air filter is doing its job, it can quickly become covered with dust and debris. So by design, the efficiency of the filter declines over its lifespan. In addition, the dust that collects on the air filter makes it more and more difficult for air to pass through the filter. Eventually, the debris blocks enough airflow to starve the furnace of much-needed airflow. When this happens, a failsafe on newer furnaces shut the unit down. Unfortunately, when it occurs on an older furnace, the unit continues to be overworked and stressed until it fails. Either way, that clogged filter can cost you the function of your home’s only heat source.

Setting A Schedule

Many factors will have an impact on how often your home’s furnace filter should be replaced. From the amount of dust in the environment around your community to how air-tight your home is constructed, the level of dust can vary. While many filter manufacturers recommend replacing the filters every three months, you might find that it is not often enough for your home. So creating a routine to inspect the filters once each month and replace them as needed is a far better choice for most homes. For example, try creating a habit of checking the filters on the first of each month, the 15th, or even the last day of the month. But make a system that works for you, and stick to it.

Added Benefits Of Furnace Filter Replacements

If you have pets in your home, there is sure to be an accumulation of pet dander and fur in the house. No amount of cleaning and vacuuming can eliminate this challenge. So replacing your HVAC air filters become even more essential. These fresh filters will help eliminate the dander and floating hairs that create issues inside your furnace equipment and home.

Allergy Suffers

Anyone with allergies or asthma will notice a significant improvement in your home’s air quality when the HVAC filters are replaced monthly. A fresh filter will remove more dust and dirt from the air and other allergens like pollen, pet dander, and even mold spores. Higher quality air filters will remove up to 99% of the foreign particles in the air, reducing allergies and asthma.

To learn more about the importance of furnace air filter replacements, call (912) 225-4056. The Thompson & Thompson Service Group experts are here to assist you with locating filters or scheduling an appointment to replace your home’s furnace air filters if you are not able to complete this essential task.