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Water Leak Detection

Do you think you have a leaking pipe in your home or business? It used to be the norm to have a crew come in and dig, that was the only way to locate the leak. It was time-consuming and expensive. With the modern technology of Savannah Thompson & Thompson water leak detection services, we can minimize the disruption (both in terms of time and money!) to your home or business.


Pressure testing is a relatively simple (yet ingenious) way to locate leaks in your water system. A leak in one of your pipes will impact the overall pressure of the water flow and the subsequent drop in pressure can be read by our fully trained staff and dealt with quickly.

Savannah Thompson & Thompson plumbers and their water leak detection techniques are (whenever possible) non-destructive and we always try to minimize the impact on your property and the environment. It’s all of our responsibility to conserve water these days. Savannah Thompson & Thompson is the leader in this planet-saving technology. Our highly trained technicians can accurately locate leaks fast, saving you time, money and a lot of headaches.

Leaks can be found in your swimming pool or spa, plumbing, slab, walls or rooftop. If it’s leaking somewhere – we’ll find it and stop it.

Pick up the phone and call (912) 330-4773 today. One of our friendly and licensed technicians from Savannah, GA will find that leak and stop the damage before it gets worse.

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