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Water Filtration Systems


The water in your home may seem A-OK to you, but hidden dangers can be lurking in even the clearest of water. Well, or public water may contain invisible nitrates or other harmful contaminants that need to be eliminated. Your water may be in such bad shape that it ruins your clothes when washing, or runs with a brown tint. If your water is too hard (calcium) or if it has an odor, it may be time for a filtration system.


Whole house water filtration systems provide fresh and clean water at every tap and spigot and will greatly improve the quality of the water you use to drink, cook, clean and bathe in. Thompson and Thompson Savannah plumbing can guide you through the daunting task of selecting the right system for your needs.

Water filtration systems can correct many common issues with Savannah water, including:

● Hardness. Measured by mineral deposits in your water
● Turbidity. a visible amount of sediment causing discoloration in your water
● Bad tasting water
● Chlorine or “chemical” odor

A whole house system and remedying the water at each tap is a good way to go if your water is suffering from any of the above.



Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis unit takes contaminated water and forces it through a semi-permeable membrane. Water molecules can fit through while dissolved or suspended material stays on the other side. Pure and clear water is the result. In Perth, Australia (very dry, yet surrounded by ocean), almost 17% of the area’s drinking water is desalinated sea water that comes from a reverse osmosis plant. That’s a powerful industrial scale operation – your unit won’t be as big but it’s constructed on the same principles.

Microbe-Killing Ultraviolet Light

Sunlight kills the nasty micro-organisms that can linger and multiply in water and make you and your family sick. Ultraviolet filtration units have UV lamps that give off a large amount of energy at just the right frequency to stop the bad bacteria dead in its tracks.

Thompson and Thompson Water Filtration Savannah, GA

Water filtration systems remove impurities from your water. No more rust stains on your clothing. No more broken or malfunctioning appliances. No more unwanted chemical residue on your hair and skin. A properly installed, well-maintained water filtration system will add value to your home and provide you and your family with crystal clear drinking water.


My air went out last night, called them this morning and they were here to fix it before lunch. When Mr Dave arrived he was very polite, and explained everything to me. Thank you very much for getting my AC back up and running.

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