High Pressure Water Jetting

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High Pressure Water Jetting


It’s a nightmare that most business owners would prefer to avoid: One day, after years of use, pipes become so clogged with dirt, debris, and sediment that they simply stop working. Indoor plumbing becomes useless, drainage grinds to a halt, and significant damage can result if the problem isn’t treated quickly. While this nightmare scenario isn’t exactly common among even the largest businesses and commercial facilities, it’s still something that needs to be planned for. Today’s business owners should familiarize themselves with the concept of commercial high-pressure water jetting Savannah GA and make a plan to use that service in the event of a serious clog.


We like to tell our clients that high-pressure water jetting is like a heavy-duty power wash for their pipes. When we get a phone call from a business owner, who is typically in a state of panic about their clogged pipes and the serious nature of the problem, we send one of our jet-vac trucks on the scene to take care of the issue. These trucks are large and feature very powerful engines, capable of blasting water at very high pressure, through a clogged pipe.

The high-pressure water jetting process works exactly like a power washer, where water is highly pressurized and used to blast dirt, paint, and other substances away from a solid surface. After the water has been blasted through the pipes, the clog is almost always cleared away and the drainage system works as if it were practically a brand new installation.


When a clog occurs, our customers want to know a few important details. First, they typically want to know how long the fix will take. They also want to know what the cost will be and what the benefits are. Let’s review the timeline, efficiency, and benefits of hydro jetting so that this procedure makes a bit more sense in a pinch.

First and foremost, high-pressure water jetting is appreciated as the single most effective way to clear dirt, sediments, and other types of clogs away from the interior of a pipe. No other method is as effective, because no other method uses the right combination of fluid and pressure to get rid of the problem-causing sediment. Second, high-pressure water jetting is one of the only methods of clearing away a clog that doesn’t lead to backflow. This is a crucial element of clearing away the clog while creating virtually no mess and creating no other plumbing headaches.

In addition to these two primary benefits, a third thing is worth mentioning: high-pressure water jetting can work on pipes of virtually any size. We’re able to adjust our jet-vac system to power through the largest and smallest pipes installed in the commercial environment, which should give business owners peace of mind as they consider whether or not the process is right for them.

Furthermore, since the process itself is so highly effective, adaptable, and fast, it’s very affordable for even the smallest and most budget-constrained business owners. The fast nature of the procedure cuts down not only on the actual cost of providing the service, but also the number of resources and labor required to get the job done.


When we receive a phone call from a concerned business owner, the first thing we do is recommend commercial high-pressure water jetting Savannah GA to solve their clog. Even so, we can’t automatically assume that a plumbing issue is due to clogged pipes. Instead, we must first verify that the problem is something we can solve and that high-pressure water jetting is the most appropriate way of solving it. To examine the situation, we use a small video camera that can be inserted into the pipe. This allows us to see exactly what’s going on deep within the pipes.

If our review of the video footage shows that a significant clog is leading to major plumbing issues, then we know it’s time to break out the jet-vac and use the hydraulic system to push a massive jet of high-pressure water through the pipe to break up the clog and return the system to normal. This process is quick, but it will still take at least an hour to set up the high-pressure water jetting equipment and properly blast water through the pipes to break up the clog. In the meantime, all indoor plumbing and water access will be turned off so that the procedure can be safe, timely, and effective.


When it comes to solving pipe clogs and major plumbing issues, high-pressure water jetting is a great solution. High-pressure, hydraulic water powering through pipes is no joke. Within just a few minutes, however, we can have a business up and running with like-new pipes, free of dirt and sediment. To see if this just might be what your business needs in the event of a serious plumbing issue, be sure to give us a call today so that we can discuss your needs and our wide array of plumbing service.