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Keeping you cooking is our top priority. We created Thompson & Thompson Service Group to provide business owners with a reliable trustworthy resource for all cooking equipment repairs, refrigeration repairs, and hvac repairs.

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Thompson & Thompson can install, repair and maintain HVAC systems for restaurants, supermarkets, or any type of business. We can also install, repair and maintain your refrigeration, heating and or cooling systems. We will keep your existing refrigeration and HVAC systems running; with equipment repairs when necessary with our preventative maintenance program that allows you to avoid those costly headaches you just don’t need.

We install and repair walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and restaurant equipment. We have both new and used equipment available.

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Commercial Kitchen Services 

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We are the Coastal Empire’s choice for quality, experienced commercial kitchen services. We are your commercial kitchen specialists. 

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If you’re suffering the agony and need repairs, suffer no more. Pick up the phone and call today. One of our courteous technicians will make sure the problem is solved quickly and affordably.

Why should my company use a comprehensive grease trap service?

Inspections and maintenance from companies who only focus on the grease traps are not actually saving you money. A full-service company with grease trap service will have other tools they can use when additional problems occur with the associated plumbing. This means they have hydro jetting to clear pipe clogs and fiber optic cameras on ropes to find clogs in pipes. This translates into lower repair costs since a full-service team does not have to call in other contractors to do related tasks. Hydro jetting and using cameras are also far less invasive techniques and require less cleanup.

Why should I have regular maintenance on my commercial refrigerators?

Regular maintenance is a normal part of the operation of commercial refrigerators, more so than the one in your home. A professional commercial refrigerator technician can access the working parts of commercial machines more easily to replace or service the coils, valves, and pumps that drive the refrigerant.

How Is hydro jetting different from snaking?

Snaking and hydro-jetting are both meant to remove clogs, but hydro jetting is much more powerful and it has the ability to clear the greasy buildup that naturally occurs in the pipes that can eventually cause reclogging in little to no time. That means you’ll be calling a plumber, again and again, hydro jetting will stop that.

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“Chris was dedicated and thorough. He got all the problems fixed and double checked everything. Highly recommend them.”


“Prompt, professional, and competitively priced. Thanks!”


“Very courteous and did much more than I expected. Have recommended your company to two more people.”