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You know it’s important to keep customers and employees comfortable when they are in your building. The key to ensuring that your building always remains comfortable is by installing a quality, efficient HVAC unit into the property.

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HVAC Installation

The quality of the installation will be the difference between an HVAC unit that performs poorly and one that provides you with reliable and efficient cooling for years on end.

HVAC Maintenance

Routine maintenance will ensure that your system remains highly efficient and will also help you detect small problems before they turn into costly repairs, the latter of which is the number one benefit of receiving regular maintenance.

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Whether you already have one or are considering replacing an old unit, there is a wide range of different types of HVAC systems that commercial properties can be equipped with. If you want your commercial HVAC unit to continue heating and cooling your storefront or office building properly, continued maintenance is also important towards keeping your HVAC system in good shape.

Commercial HVAC systems are substantially more complex than ones that are installed in residential buildings. No matter which type of commercial HVAC unit you purchase for your business, they all have some standard components in common.

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Types Of Commercial HVAC Systems

Single Split Systems
A single split HVAC is the most popular commercial air conditioning system because of its affordability and the fact that it’s great for smaller commercial buildings. A split system includes an outdoor unit that’s attached through a wall to an indoor unit. When using this type of system, the air is handled in a single interior zone.

Multi-Split Systems
A multi-split system can connect as many as five indoor units to a single outdoor unit, which allows you to provide air conditioning to five zones within your commercial building. The occupants have the ability to control each individual unit separately for differing conditions in each zone.

VRV or VRF Systems
If your business is housed in a large commercial building, it may be necessary to consider a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) or VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system. These types of HVAC unit are designed specifically to be used in larger spaces and don’t require much ductwork.

Quality = Maintenance

The quality of your HVAC unit doesn’t matter if it’s not well maintained. If small issues are fixed before they turn into larger problems that require costly repair work, you’ll be able to lessen the amount of wear and tear with the system itself, which should help to extend the life of the unit.

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How often should I have my HVAC unit maintained?

When you select maintenance services, experienced technicians will inspect and clean every component of the unit while also fixing any issues that arise. Your commercial HVAC unit should be maintained at least once every year.

Why is the cost of maintenance for a commercial HVAC unit typically higher than a residential unit?

The main reasons for the difference in maintenance costs between commercial and residential HVAC systems are because of the different sizes as well as how complex the components within commercial HVAC units are.

What brand HVAC unit should I have installed?

As long as you choose a commercial HVAC brand that’s reputable and well regarded by other customers, your commercial unit should last for many years. These units are substantial investments, which is why it’s important that they are kept in good condition.

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